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Sunshine Coast and Noosa beach weddings – Tips on Planning

Sunshine Coast and Noosa beach weddings offer the best wedding ceremony locations in the world.

But, it can end in disaster unless you plan your day carefully.


Here are some important tips to ensure your Noosa beach wedding or Sunshine Coast Beach wedding is perfect:

  • The most important thing is to ensure you have a back up location in case it rains!  Beaches lack shelter and your guests may not be too happy if they have to stand in the rain and wet sand.
  • On a similar line, try and pick the time of day when the sun is low in the sky.  You won’t want your guests to fry in the sun at lunch time on a 35 degree day.  Mornings or late afternoons are best.
  • Beaches can be windy.  Mornings are ‘usually’ less windy.  In the afternoons, a North Easterly wind will tend to pop up and rearrange your hair.
  • Most beach areas require you to get permission to hold the event.  Contact the local Council responsible for that area to find out about making a booking and paying any fees. Noosa area is quite expensive.
  • Choose a location where there is ample parking for your guests.
  • On the day, have plenty of water, mosquito and sand fly repellant for guests (mainly for very early morning or late evening).
  • What else is on?  Check with council if any other events are planned for that day.  Imagine a surf carnival happening next to your ceremony!
  • Rocking the $10,000 frock is probably not a good idea on the beach.  It is more suited to a more casual, relaxed dress code.  Ensure you advise the ladies to leave the heels at home and to bring a wrap in case it gets cool.
  • Finding the ceremony location can be tricky for your guests.  Send a mud map, and use the council beach access numbers to help them find the ceremony spot.  The numbers are at each beach access point.
  • Placing seats in the sand can be difficult (and unsafe), so only have a couple of seats for those who need them.  Alternatively, hold the ceremony just off the sand on some of the grassed areas – you still get the amazing backdrop but without the hassle.
  • For a medium to large wedding, it is advisable to employ a professional to setup the ceremony location.  They have all the mats, arches, flowers, chairs and tables that you need at reasonable costs.
  • The arrival!  Visit the site and work out how the bride will arrive.  Maybe by boat!
  • Sunshine Coast and Noosa beach wedding bride arrives by boat.
  • Finally, have a fantastic time.

I can provide a list of locations for a Noosa beach wedding and around the beautiful locations of the Sunshine Coast.  So please feel free to contact me.

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