What makes you different from other Celebrants?

My years of experience in the wedding industry and can offer invaluable advice on all aspects of your wedding day. I am easy going and adopt a relaxed, modern, personal approach to the ceremonies. Your ceremony will be perfect.  Oh, and I wear a bow tie!

What do we do first?

We have a no obligation meeting to see how I can help make your wedding amazing! Next, we will tackle the wedding paper work and complete a form called the Notice of Intended Marriage, which must be completed a minimum of one month prior to your wedding date.

Can we write our own vows?

You can write all or part of your vows, or to make it easier for you, I can give you some options to choose from!

Can we include any traditions, ceremonies, special words of our own?

Yes, you can include anything you like. There are some legal sections that must be included, but we can build your own ceremony around those. I can provide samples of wedding poems and readings, sand ceremonies etc.

Where can we be married?

You can be married anywhere! In some instances, approval of local councils will be required for ceremonies in parks, National Parks etc. There are fees for some Sunshine Coast wedding locations.

Do you travel for wedding ceremonies?

Yes, I will marry you anywhere!. So I guess I am a Maleny Celebrant, Hinterland and Noosa Celebrant as well as a Sunshine Coast celebrant. In fact, I will travel to just about any location. A small travel fee will apply for some areas .

How many times do we meet before the ceremony?

As many as you like! We have our initial meeting (can be online), then meet again to do the legal side of things and discuss wording options. We meet up again at the rehearsal to ensure everyone knows what to do, where to stand etc.

What is a Sunshine Coast Pop Up wedding?

Pop Up weddings are designed for those wanting a very small wedding (up to 12 guests). A great option for couples who are eloping or who were looking for a Registry Office Wedding.  We provide a celebrant, a photographer and we can advise on a venue to hold the ceremony. We may even be able to provide witnesses! Pop up weddings only take 45 minutes to an hour to get you married and provide beautiful photographs to show friends and family. It can be a Sunshine Coast elopement wedding, or we can provide our small wedding service anywhere you like. See our options at www.sunshinecoastsmallweddings.com.au

Are there any affordable wedding options in Sunshine Coast?

There are a number of options available that can reduce your wedding costs and allow you to have a more intimate wedding ceremony without all the ‘fluff’. It is easy to create your perfect wedding day without the huge price tag

Can we use you as our Master of Ceremonies?

Yes, of course! Your guests should have a good time at the reception. I can ensure the whole evening runs smoothly and top off your perfect day.

Do you know of any country wedding locations?

Yes, there are some beautiful beach or country locations for your wedding ceremony close to Sunshine Coast. The most popular ones are Tiffany’s Maleny, Maleny ManorFlaxton Gardens, Spicers Clovelly Montville, the Little White Chapel, Twin Waters Weddings, Secrets on the Lake to name just a few.

How to elope to the Sunshine Coast

There is an increasing number of couples wishing to elope instead of having a traditional or larger wedding. The Sunshine Coast offers hundreds of fantastic locations to hold your Sunshine Coast elopement wedding. The first thing to do is contact your celebrant (me) to ensure you understand the one month waiting period prior to the ceremony. I can recommend some great locations and even assist with a photographer, witnesses, location and flowers for your ceremony. We can arrange everything from where you live and make the process as easy as possible. Contact me and we can get the ball rolling.

How long do the ceremonies take?

The time varies depending on how many readings or activities you may have, but the average time is 20 minutes.

Who can be the official witnesses on the wedding day?

Anyone can be a witness as long as they are 18 years of age or over and can speak English.

What happens after the ceremony?

I will lodge all of the legal documentation with the local Registrar of Department of Birth, Deaths and Marriages and notify you that this has been done. If you are wishing to change your name, it is a matter of filling out a form online with the respective Births, Deaths and Marriages of the state in which you held your ceremony.

How much do you charge?

What celebrants charge varies considerably depending on the location, style of ceremony and most importantly, how much time and effort they put into ensuring the ceremony is exactly what you are after. An indication of my prices are listed on the website. I prefer to meet with my couples and discuss their requirements and arrangements for the day. Once I have that information, I am then able to provide a more accurate quote.

Do you do simple, ‘no frills’ or intimate weddings?

I certainly do! In fact we specialise in small, intimate, no fuss wedding ceremonies. If you are after a very simple wedding ceremony, that will ensure you are legally married without the trimmings and high costs, we can arrange that for you. We can conduct the wedding ceremony in your own home, on the beach or in a park close by.

Are there Sunshine Coast Registry Office Weddings?

Sadly, the Sunshine Coast doesn’t have a Registry Office where you can simply turn up and be married. But this is a good thing, as we can create the same fast and efficient wedding, but in a much better location. We can offer Ceremonies during off peak times at a location of your choice, and we can even arrange a photographer and witnesses if required. Much more fun than a sterile Registry Office wedding!

Advantages of having an MC

An experienced professional MC will ensure the evening runs smoothly and will be the point of contact for any issues that may arise. Official activities, food and music will all run on time. The couple can then relax and enjoy the evening fully.

Do we have to exchange rings?

No, you don’t have to exchange rings. In fact you don’t have to exchange anything to be married. There are many alternatives to the ring exchange which I will go through with you.

What are the most popular places for a wedding?

We are very lucky on Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Noosa as we have heaps of amazing locations for your ceremony. There are lots of beaches, parks and forests that are free to use. Feel free to call me to find out more information about booking a venue for your wedding.