Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from other Celebrants?
What do we do first?
Can we write our own vows?
Can we include any traditions, ceremonies, special words of our own?
Where can we be married?
Do you travel for wedding ceremonies?
How many times do we meet before the ceremony?
What is a Sunshine Coast pop up wedding?
Are there any affordable wedding options in Sunshine Coast?
Can we use you as our Master of Ceremonies?
Do you know of any country wedding locations?
How to elope to the Sunshine Coast
How long do the ceremonies take?
Who can be the official witnesses on the wedding day?
What happens after the ceremony?
How much do you charge?
Do you do simple, ‘no frills’ or intimate weddings?
Are there Sunshine Coast Registry Office Weddings?
We were married overseas, can we have another ceremony here in Australia?
Do we have to exchange rings?
What are the most popular places for a wedding?