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Getting married on the Sunshine Coast is popular!

Getting married on the Sunshine Coast is popular! For another year the number of marriages in Australia has increased!  Yay! In 2018, there were 119,188 marriages, which was an increase of 5.5% over 2017 (6,234 more couples tied the knot). For those who love statistics: the median age for males was 32.4 the median age […]

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Relaxed wedding ceremony on the Sunshine Coast

A relaxed wedding ceremony on the Sunshine Coast is what many couple’s want. You might want a super casual beach wedding.  So I will dress accordingly based on what your dress code for the day is.  Oh, and I will always have a bow tie! Or, you may prefer a more formal setting for your […]

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Sunshine Coast Celebrant Cost?

What does it cost for a Sunshine Coast celebrant or a Noosa celebrant? This is always one of the first questions a couple will ask – “How much?” You don’t get married every day, so naturally you would have limited knowledge of what it costs to get married. Fees to get married vary by how […]

Getting hitched or ditched and effect on a will

Getting hitched or ditched and effect on a will is one legal thing that you really need to understand. Did you know that the moment you are married, your individual wills are revoked? This won’t affect many couples, as 98% of all couples I see don’t have a will!   Which is scary when you think about […]

Sunshine Coast Small Wedding

Small Wedding Specialist

Small Wedding Specialist with 5 realistic options to large expensive weddings. For many couples today, the idea of spending around $30,000 to $50,000 for the average Australian wedding is just crazy. They have other priorities such as a mortgage, children, holidays or they simply can’t see the value in spending so much just on one day. […]