This is a hard question to answer as it differs State by State.

However the main guidelines are listed in the Commonwealth Government’s table shown below. (click on the link)

covidsafe 3 step plan

Step one limits the numbers to 10 and that includes the two of you and your celebrant

Step two limits the numbers to 20 (includes couple and celebrant), and

Step three allows up to 100 guests. (but confusingly if it is an indoor venue you can only have one person per 4 square mtrs! – would need a massive venue!

Sadly, if you are thinking of a wedding of over 100 guests, there still isn’t any clear indication of when that can actually happen.

It is important to note that under each step a complete record must be kept of every person who attends the wedding.  This will be a job for the couples as they are the only ones who know everyone and would be able to maintain the privacy of the information of guests.

In Queensland, the current dates of implementation of each step are:

Step one:  15 May 2020

Step two: 12 June 2020

Step three: 10 July 2020

Physical distancing, cleaning and hygiene limitations will still apply, so please take that into account when selecting a venue.

Will there be a Step 4?   Who knows!

The above can change at any time depending on the number of new infections etc, so please contact me if you are unsure and I will do my best to find out what is happening and when!

Answers to FAQ for QLD can be found here:

Stay safe and remember to book NOW if you are thinking of getting married in 2021 as dates are filling fast.