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Weddings at Tiffany's Maleny

Weddings at Tiffany’s – Sam and Ash get married!

Weddings at Tiffany’s.

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in Maleny for Samantha and Ash’s wedding at  Weddings at Tiffany’s.

The sky was crystal clear and the view from inside the Weddings at Tiffany’s Chapel was picture perfect.

Ashley was standing up the front with his mates and feeling just a wee bit nervous as he waited for Sam to arrive.  It is those 10 minutes or so of waiting that I think is the most stressful for the groom.

Just the right amount of time after the scheduled start time, the cars arrived and within minutes the ladies started walking down the isle.  They were followed by Sam and her parents and as she made her way up the isle, there were a few tears, in fact quite a few!

The ceremony went smoothly, their vows to each other brought even more tears and a few laughs.  When it was time for the rings, the 3rd member of their family came slowly up the isle carrying the beautiful rings – Winston the pooch had arrived!

At the end, there were huge cheers and our couple were showered with rose petals as they left the chapel as husband and wife.

sunshine coast celebrant at weddings at Tiffany's


celebrant at weddings at Tiffany's Maleny

The amazing photos were taken by Tom Hall Photography.

If you haven’t visited Weddings at Tiffany’s to see if it would be a suitable wedding venue for your wedding, I highly recommend a visit.

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