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Ten easy steps to get married on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa

Here are some easy steps on how to get married on the Sunshine Coast or Noosa area.

Step 1:   Find a partner, fall in love, propose (sorry, I can’t help with this section)

Step 2:  Pick a date!   Sounds easy, but couples spend ages trying to keep both sides of the family happy and ensure their besties are going to be there.  (Covid 19 is making it even harder!)

Step 3:  Once you have a date, book in your preferred venue ASAP!  Critical now as couples who postponed weddings are now trying to book venues, celebrants, photographers etc

Step 4:  Book your celebrant (me) and professional photographer.  This will ensure you get the right team to look after you.  On the celebrant side, we would have had a good chat, discussed how it works and you then realise that you simply must book me as your celebrant. (smiley face)

Step 5:   The fun stuff!  Sort out colour schemes, THE dress, the ceremony location and wet weather option, hair and makeup, the honeymoon, transport, send save the dates, etc

Step 6:  While you are organising all that and maybe buying your second dress because you found one even better, we would meet up and get stuck into THE PAPERWORK!  (if you don’t live on the Sunshine Coast or Noosa – not a problem as we can do it all remotely)

Step 7:  The Notice of Intended Marriage form.  This must be completed a minimum of a month prior to the wedding however best to do as early as possible.  You will need to prove who you are by producing either your passport, or, drivers licence and birth certificates.  If this isn’t your first rodeo, then I would need to sight the divorce documents.  That is all the paperwork you have to do.

Step 8:   Using the easy to follow ceremony outlines I would have sent you, we create your personal ceremony. You can think about your personal vows (samples will be provided so it isn’t scary).   This will happen around 2 weeks prior to the ceremony.

Step 9:  Calm those nerves!   If you like, we can arrange to do a rehearsal. So you know who stands where, how fast to walk in and get a feel for how it will all play out on the day.  This will happen a day or so before the ceremony, so please book that in with the venue.

Step 10:  The big day!  Yes, it is a big day, it is the most exciting and fun day of your life!  You will be nervous, emotional, maybe a bit over organised (your attendants will tell you if you are being a pain) and very excited.  I will be there well beforehand to set up the speaker etc and to ensure the other party is there!   You will arrive with your heart pounding and the rest will seem like a blur.  But I will ensure you are married with the most amazing ceremony and look after all the stuff that needs to happen after the ceremony.

The above is a very quick outline of how it can all happen. Please contact me if you are thinking of having your wedding on the Sunshine Coast, in Noosa, Maleny and Montville and I can go over the process in much more detail.

Here are some tips on how to write your wedding vows.

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