Sunshine Coast Celebrant

Sunshine Coast’s best wedding Celebrant!

Getting married is one of life’s major milestones, and some couples want to find the Sunshine Coast’s best marriage celebrant to guide them through the process.

So what is the difference between one celebrant and another?  What makes one celebrant the best or better than another, or more suited to you?

The answer:   Personal choice based on what you want!  A celebrant will be the best one for you, if you find one who meets your criteria.

Well yes, that is stating the obvious but what are some things you should look for?

Flexibility:  Every Celebrant must follow certain strict guidelines in the performance of a wedding ceremony, however these form only a small part of the ceremony as a whole.  The rest of the ceremony is open to total creativity and personal preference for how YOU want your ceremony to be. Your celebrant must be flexible and open to ideas.  Some may want a unique, wild, crazy wedding ceremony, but others are after a wedding ceremony that is more traditional but still have that relaxed feeling.  Some want extremely short weddings ( 3 minutes!) whereas most are looking for something not too long, but still personal and fun.  So you should have choice about the overall construction of the ceremony.

Knowledge:  I believe your Celebrant should be able to guide you and encourage you, to put your personal stamp on the wedding ceremony by giving you lots of options and ideas about what you can do.  The whole process should be as easy as possible, so you don’t have to worry about the ceremony and can focus on other important things such as the photographers, the dress, colour schemes etc.  A diverse knowledge of the wedding industry is very handy for a newly engaged couple as you can get many time and money saving ideas from your celebrant.  I can offer the experience of over 800 weddings , as a wedding photographer and as a celebrant, which many couples have found invaluable in planning the whole of their day.  Sort of like a free wedding planner!

Style!  How the actual ceremony is delivered by the Celebrant is critical.  You want guests to actually listen and be part of the ceremony, so it should be engaging, interesting and relevant to you.  Not many couples these days are looking for a serious, mono tone, style of delivery.  All couples who I have married, wanted a particular style in the delivery of the ceremony.  They wanted it to be light, interesting, fun and personal to them.  They wanted the whole process to be as easy as possible, so they didn’t want to have to worry about the ceremony and could focus on other things such as the photographers, the dress, colour schemes etc.

Can we be different?  Yes, different is great, or even a bit crazy is fun.    I love doing quotes from movies (complete with lisp etc – Princess Bride), dressing up to suit your theme, or simply delivering a ceremony to match whatever tone you are after.  There are hundreds of ways to make your ceremony unique.  Getting married doesn’t mean boring!

Price!!!!  Some couples are price driven and others seek quality or different inclusions.   Basically, the lower price usually reflects how much work is involved in the preparation of the ceremony.  Some celebrants offer just a ‘cookie cutter’ ceremony, that is the same for all couples, not that personal, but that gets you married without fuss.  The more work the Celebrant puts into your ceremony to make it more personal and unique to you, the higher the cost.  I offer a wide range of pricing options from the “quick, just get us married” option right up to the full ceremony where everything is included in your fully customised wedding ceremony.

Stuff!!  Sound systems, microphones, tables etc.  It is critical that your celebrant has good quality sound equipment for the larger weddings.  You want your guests to be able to hear what is happening and be part of the actual ceremony.  So if you are planning a bigger wedding ensure your celebrant has the necessary stuff to deliver a quality ceremony.

Big Vs small wedding!   Once again, I can offer total flexibility based on what you want.  From micro weddings (you 2 plus 2 witnesses) to massive weddings (200 plus).  Different sized weddings will suit a different style of ceremony.

Attitude:  Does the Celebrant share your excitement about your plans?   When someone is engaged in a job they love, they will put in 200% effort to ensure everything is perfect.  I am a self confessed wedding junkie!  Love them!  I have an amazing job!  I get to hang out with two people who are totally in love with each other, surrounded by their best friends and family as they openly commit themselves to each other in marriage.  I get to see the emotions, the tears and share in the laughter.   Perfect!

So who is the Sunshine Coast’s best wedding Celebrant?

That is up to you!