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Registry Office wedding in Canberra

Can I do a Registry Office wedding in Canberra?

Sadly, Canberra doesn’t have a Registry Office where you can go along and get married.  This is probably a good thing as many couples who are looking for a quick and easy way to get married may not like the idea of standing in front of a public servant, in an office for this very important phase in their life.  So, instead of the office style wedding, you can still get married in Canberra quickly and without any fuss, BUT at a location and time of your choice!

The benefits of a Registry Office wedding can still be achieved but in a much better way.  You can select the location for your wedding e.g. in a park, at home, in a restaurant etc at a time that suits you and it can still be as short and efficient as you wish.  You have total control over how the ceremony itself is run. (well, almost total control – we do have to abide by a few legal requirements!).

I have been involved in the wedding industry in Canberra and surrounding areas for over 16 years and can recommend some amazing places for you to hold your ceremony and help with finding photographers or other wedding suppliers that you may wish to include in your small wedding.

Even if you were getting married in a Registry Office, you still would have to provide one months notice by completing the Notice of Intended Marriage form.  For information on the requirements to complete this form, please contact me and I can step you through it and help get you started so you can be married as soon as possible.

Registry office weddings in Canberra
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