Wow! There have been some massive changes in Australia in the last couple of days. The most recent restrictions on gatherings and closure of clubs and restaurants etc is making it very challenging for couples to continue with their wedding plans over the next few months.  Plus it is making it hard for couples who are just starting to plan their wedding.
YES!  You can still get married on the Sunshine Coast, even with the new Coronavirus restrictions.
Here are some options:
You can ‘elope’ – have a mini wedding with just a few family and friends. These can happen any day of the week and in any location of your choosing (subject to the new regs of course).
Get married outdoors – on a beach or in a park – once again, be mindful of the new rules.
For the reception side of things, keep it small and ask people to bring a plate or take advantage of the takeaway offerings now being provided by some cafes and restaurants. Be mindful of social distance of course).
Keep it super casual, order in some pizza, have a back yard BBQ, or even fish and chips on a blanket.  
Use Skype or Facetime to have other guests ‘present’ at the wedding and then promise them a big party in the future when all of this blows over.
Deferring! This is a hard one!  How long do you wait before starting to lock things in again?  It is impossible to say but from current predictions, you should be safe from October 2020 onwards.  If you plan to defer your wedding to 2021, then I highly recommend deciding on a date ASAP as all celebrants are receiving lots of requests for dates next year and they are filling fast.
In the last few days, I have had a number of inquiries from couples wanting to get married quickly and/or just with a few guests – we can still do this provided we give the one months notice for the paperwork.
This major event will pass.   We will get back to some form of normal, so please try and stay positive (and healthy) during this crisis.  I am here to help.
If you have any questions about anything to do with your wedding, then please don’t hesitate to call me on 0427475559  Or for your small wedding have a look at our amazing offer sunshine coast small weddings