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Newly engaged, so what now?

Congratulations on your engagement.  It is one of the most exciting things to be ever asked, “will you marry me?”

After you managed to get out that ‘yes’, and after all the emotional phone calls to loved ones, you will start to think about what do you do now?   How do we actually get married?

As this isn’t something you do every day (phew!), you need advice from friends who have either been married before and/or from trusted wedding industry professionals.

Steven Murray at Sunshine Coast Celebrants has been in the wedding industry for the last 20 years as both a wedding photographer and a celebrant.    His extensive experience enables him to help couples plan their day to ensure they get the most out of the experience.  He can advise on timings, wedding ceremony locations, wedding reception options and even down to transport requirements.  Sadly, his partner says he is ‘off the design team’, so he won’t assist with any colour choices for the dresses and decorations (probably a good thing!).

He is always happy to chat with couples about their options and even if he isn’t personally available, he can provide recommendations of quality service providers for you to select from.

So if you are looking for a place to start and have no idea what to do next, give him a call on 0427475559 or send him an email (   In the meantime, a couple of important tips:

  1.  Book early!  Especially if your chosen date is in the Sunshine Coast wedding season of late September through to late April.
  2. Select your date first before approaching too many service providers as they will all ask – ‘what date is your wedding’ – you will save a lot of time if you have a date
  3. Saturdays are popular, but Fridays, Sundays and even days during the week are becoming more popular and are even cheaper in some cases!
  4. To get married, you must provide a months notice by completing the Notice of Intended Marriage form.  Your celebrant will provide this.
  5. Ladies!  Don’t be concerned if your man isn’t as focused as yourself with the organising – 90% of brides do most of the organising (that way they get what they want – ha ha)
  6. Religious issues?   Many couples decide to be married by a celebrant because one or both don’t have a committed religious belief.  If family pressure exists to have a religious component, that CAN be included as everything is possible in a civil marriage ceremony.
  7. Want to be married by Elvis or include some famous scenes from your favourite movie or tv show – that can be done!
  8. Small weddings or secret weddings can easily be arranged as you only need 2 persons to witness the ceremony – one can be the photographer!
  9. Tight budget?   Not a problem at all as there are many types of ceremonies available to suit all budgets.  You can even do a ‘quickie’ now and then have the big party sometime in the future.

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