Beach wedding location on Sunshine Coast

Important facts about Queensland Weddings

One of the main wedding websites, Easy weddings has put out a document outlining some important and interesting information about the wedding industry in Australia.  Here are some interesting facts about couples getting married in Australia and Queensland:

  1. Queensland has 18% of all weddings in Australia
  2. The average cost of a wedding in Queensland is $24,759.  Way cheaper than NSW at $36,082!
  3. The most popular month to get married is March 2019
  4. Most popular day of the week:  Saturday at 63%, Friday at 14% and Sunday at 10%
  5. Most popular season:  Autumn at 37%, Spring 28%, Summer 22% and Winter 13%   (these are Australia wide)
  6. The average Australian couple – Groom is 29 and bride is 28 yrs old, have been engaged for 22 months, 90% will get married in their home state
  7. 89% of couples live together before getting married
  8. 49% buy a house before the wedding
  9. Guests think around $120 is enough for a gift, but $220 if family or close friends
  10. 60% of engagements are formed with the ring as a surprise, while 24% choose the ring together
  11. Average cost per head for a wedding venue is $157
  12. Average cost for a wedding dress in QLD is $2179

On the Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Hinterland there the best wedding locations in Australia.