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Important tips for grooms to help plan the wedding

It is a fact that brides do most of the wedding planning and what the groom needs to do is often forgotten.

All of the wedding magazines, blogs and FB posts talk about dresses, flowers, jewellery, makeup and basically everything that a bride should think about, but they hardly ever mention what the groom needs to consider.

So guys, here are some tips for all the grooms out there:

Your b2b would love your help:  Most of the wedding planning is done by the bride, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and let it all happen.  Be involved!  Help arrange the schedule for the day.  Help her choose suppliers, go with her for any meetings and listen to her when she tells you the progress of the planning process.  She will love you even more for doing so!

Trip the light fantastic:  If you are having a bridal dance at the reception, then wow your family and friends by doing some lessons to build your confidence and avoid the awkward waltz shuffle.

Night out with the lads:  Avoid it being too close to the wedding day as you want to be at your best on the day.

Pamper your love:  The ladies normally have a very hectic wedding day.  How amazing would it be if you arranged a small gift for her to open on the day.  A special perfume, piece of jewellery (but be careful as she will have a theme in mind), flowers and one of the most memorable gifts is a letter or card. Arrange it so she opens it just before leaving for the ceremony and include reasons why you love her and your favourite memories that you share.

The lad’s tribe: It isn’t just brides who need a tribe!  A groom needs an entourage made up of his best buds or family members as well.  Choose wisely as you will want help throughout the planning and wedding day.

Reward your mates:  Have a good think about a gift for the lads and have them wrapped prior to the wedding day.

Limit the Play station or golf game:  Ensure you allow time to get dressed and arrive at least half an hour before the ceremony to greet the guests.  Talk to the photographer about timing if you are after ‘getting ready’ photos. You can’t be late!  Only your bride can!

Look amazing:  Learn how to tie a tie BEFORE the morning of the wedding (and pocket squares).  Ensure your shirts are ironed and that they fit properly.  (I have seen a number of grooms squeeze into hire suits that they didn’t try on before the day – not a good look!).

Pamper the groomsmen:  Take them to a trendy barber, or go for a massage (not that type!)

“She’ll be right”:  The wedding day is not the day to wing your vows or to make a speech without thinking about the words.   It can end in disaster!   Write it down – read it – then change it until it feels right.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your vows on the day – send them to your celebrant so they can print them for you.

A calming drink:   On the morning of the big day have a nerve soother drink, but remember that if you have too many, the celebrant can refuse to marry you if you are drunk!  Your new wife wouldn’t be happy!  Drink plenty of water instead.

Do you have the rings?   Triple check the rings actually arrive at the ceremony location.  Nothing worse than a quick dash back home to get them.

Relax and enjoy the day:  Easier said than done!  But once you are standing up the front, the music starts and you get your first glimpse of your beautiful bride, there is nothing more for you to do except dry the tears of joy and love from your eyes and watch her come towards you.







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