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Important facts about Queensland Weddings

Here are some important facts about Queensland weddings by Easy weddings to help you plan your marriage ceremony.

  1. Queensland has 18% of all weddings in Australia
  2. The average cost of a wedding in Queensland is $24,759.  Way cheaper than NSW at $36,082!
  3. The most popular month to get married is March 2019
  4. Most popular day of the week:  Saturday at 63%, Friday at 14% and Sunday at 10%
  5. Most popular season:  Autumn at 37%, Spring 28%, Summer 22% and Winter 13%   (these are Australia wide)
  6. The average Australian couple – Groom is 29 and bride is 28 yrs old, have been engaged for 22 months, 90% will get married in their home state
  7. 89% of couples live together before getting married
  8. 49% buy a house before the wedding
  9. Guests think around $120 is enough for a gift, but $220 if family or close friends
  10. 60% of engagements are formed with the ring as a surprise, while 24% choose the ring together
  11. Average cost per head for a wedding venue is $157
  12. Average cost for a wedding dress in QLD is $2179

The Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Hinterland and of course Noosa, have the best wedding locations in Australia. From huge weddings down to just the two of you eloping, there is a perfect location for your marriage ceremony.

Here you can find out about planning a wedding on the Sunshine Coast with one click!

Here are some tips if you want to elope to the Sunshine Coast or Noosa for your wedding.

Important facts about Queensland weddings