Feeling a bit bored and need some statistics to make your day?
Well it is official! The ABS has released some provisional data showing that due to Covid there was a 31.9% drop in marriages for the period January to June 2020.
When comparing counts of marriages between April and June with averages for the same period over the past five years (2015-2019):
Numbers of marriages were lower by 62.2%.
Marriages decreased the most in April (71.4%), followed by May (57.6%) and June (51.8%).
How did we fare up here in QLD? We had the 2nd highest drop of 64.4% (Victoria had the highest at 65.1%). The higher rate for QLD could be due to it being so popular for destination weddings.
I really feel for all couples who have had to make drastic changes to their plans.  It hasn’t been a very good time for you and I am sure the stress levels are still running high as there is still a bit of uncertainty over the whims of each States Premiers as they open, shut, open and shut the borders.
The good news!!! 2021 will be a busy year for couples as they begin to feel more confident in making new dates for their wedding.  The Sunshine Coast, Noosa and the Hinterland are super popular locations to be married.  I would highly recommend booking your 2021 dates sooner rather than later as many popular dates are already full.
If you need any help in planning, feel free to give me a call.