We are living in interesting times and I can’t imagine how many of you are feeling at the moment as the Government has announced a ban on INDOOR gatherings over 100 people. Outdoor events are 500 so I don’t think that will affect too many of you! 🙂

Naturally this will impact many couples wedding plans and will be very upsetting and stressful.

There are some options available, such as downsizing the number of guests and/or having a small and intimate wedding with just the 2 of you and a couple of witnesses, postponing the wedding till later this year or, even cancelling it (last resort).

No matter what you decide, rest assured that I will be there for you and we will make it work.   By all accounts, this virus will run its course over the next few months and with a bit of luck, things will get back to normal later this year.

In the meantime, I highly recommend contacting your venues ASAP and discussing some options with them.  Some venues may decide to close regardless of the number of guests you have!

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your Sunshine Coast wedding plans, please contact me ASAP.

Stay well everyone😊